Our Services

Image of a ruler on blueprints, for the Hera Hammers Research and Development tab.

Research & Development

We are constantly working on improving our products and expanding our product range. We manage the whole development process of new products ourselves: from the first blueprints to the first prototypes and up to the final version of a product, the whole process takes place in our own factory hall. We’re not afraid to hire expertise from other companies where needed, but it is always one of our employees who is in charge. This ensures the high quality of our products and prevents projects from becoming too big to handle.

Image of the Hera RB140 Railbreaker, used for the construction tab.


We are always working on new products, both for our own stock and for other companies. Our business is mainly focused on the foundation market and hammers in particular, but we do have a lot of experience in creating a large variety of products, used in different industries (such as offshore drilling), from scratch. If you are unsure whether we can help you with a certain product, feel free to contact us.

Image of the overhauled IHC S35 Hydraulic Hammer for the Repair and Overhaul tab.

Repair & Overhaul

A large part of our day-to-day operations consists of repairing and overhauling (diesel) pile hammers and other products, both for (international) customers and ourselves.

Image of the new Hera D30-32 diesel pile impact hammers for the new products tab

New products

We sell a variety of new diesel pile hammers of our own Hera product line, ranging from the smallest Hera D16 up to the Hera D138. These diesel pile hammers can be found on the Hera pile hammers category page.

Image of two Delmag D12 pile diesel impact hammer for the Overhauled products tab

Overhauled products

We sell a variety of overhauled pile hammers and other products, both from our own Hera product line as well as from other well-known manufacturers. These overhauled products are thoroughly inspected and repaired: broken parts are replaced to ensure the product works both now and in the future. Overhauled products can be found in the various categories on the product page.

Image of spare parts for Hera and Delmag pile impact diesel hammers for the Spare parts tab

Spare parts

We always have a variety of spare parts of our own pile hammers and other products in stock. Furthermore, in addition to our own stock we have our own wholesale company which sells a large variety of products for other applications. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking for a certain product.