Distributor of new and overhauled diesel and hydraulic pile driving hammers.

Our offerings

Diesel pile drivers

We sell new and overhauled diesel piling hammers, both from our own Hera product line as well as from other manufacturers such as Delmag and Pileco.

Diesel pile hammer rental

We offer various new and used diesel pile hammers for rent. Please check the rental page for more information.

Hydraulic pile drivers

In addition to diesel hammers, we also sell used hydraulic piling hammers from manufacturers such as IHC. These hammers have been fully overhauled and are in excellent working condition.

Competitive pricing

Hera diesel piling hammers are known for their reliability and affordability, two terms we deem most important.

Spare parts

We supply spare parts for both Hera and Delmag diesel hammers. Please visit dieselhammerparts.com for more information.

Great Support

We will answer all your questions as soon as possible, both pre- and after-sales.

Our Daily Activities

Research & Development

We are constantly working on improving our products and expanding our product range. Our latest addition is the RB140 Railbreaker.


We have built various products which are not directly related to our core business, such as pressure vessels.

Image of the overhauled IHC S35 Hydraulic Hammer for the Repair and Overhaul tab.

Repair & Overhaul

A large part of our day-to-day operations consists of repairing and overhauling (diesel) pile hammers and other products, both for (international) customers and ourselves. Feel free to contact us if your hammer could use an overhaul.

New diesel pile hammers

We supply the worldwide market with a variety of new diesel pile hammers of our own Hera product line, ranging from the smallest Hera D16 up to the Hera D138.

Overhauled pile hammers

We sell a variety of overhauled diesel pile hammers and overhauled hydraulic pile hammers , both from our own Hera product line and from other well-known manufacturers such as Delmag and IHC.

Image of spare parts for Hera and Delmag pile impact diesel hammers for the Spare parts tab

Spare parts for pile hammers

We always have a variety of spare parts of our own pile hammers and other products in stock. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking for something.