Hera Diesel Hammer Rental

Buying a new diesel hammer is a large, capital-intensive investment which can generate great returns, but it’s not always the wisest thing to do. Some projects require a larger hammer than normally in use, while others could require an extra pile hammer to meet a tight deadline. Sometimes you simply want to try a hammer before buying it, and for these situations Hera Hammers offers various diesel hammer rental possibilities.

  • New and used diesel hammers for rent
  • All hammers are in excellent condition
  • Available for the duration of your project

We have a variety of both new and used Hera and Delmag diesel hammers available for rent, ranging from the Hera D19 to the Hera D100. These can be rented for weeks, months or even longer, simply depending on the duration of your project. They are extensively serviced – and where necessary, repaired – after every rental period, resulting in a reliable and affordable option for all projects.